About Artist

These two sisters love drawing and handmade~They enjoying a creative work~When you meet them, you'll notice how close they both are. They treat each other like best friends.

They are Chinese Malaysian. 

About Lulusan:
I'm a dreamer who live in Kameya     **~Kameya means tortoise house 龜屋~**
I loves fantasy, wizard, strangely, Mysterious creatures
I loves antique, vintage
I loves underwater world, forest, mushrooms
I enjoy creating unique art. ^^

You can also find me at deviantart also

About Blueny:
 hi, everyone~ Im jinjing, QQblueny is my lovely doll's name.

please welcome have a look and please have a support~!! thank you very much~!!
hopefully i can do more new works!!

You can also find me at deviantart also